< PreviousGENERAL TERMS 1. ORDERS a. Every order includes acceptance from the buyer to our terms and conditions of sale. b. Any changes to these conditions should get a written agreement from us. c. The buyer is embarked upon placing the order to Candelec or its manufacture sales agents. Only confirmed orders validated by a pro-forma invoice will be applicable to Candelec commitments. d. Internet sales: online sales of Candelec products are subjected to a contract supervising the trade relations and the specific conditions of use of the Internet. Candelec authorized dealers undertake to sell on the Internet only the equipment selected by the company Candelec. e. Property: Candelec owns the industrial and commercial property of her products, trademarks, designs and models. Clients undertake not to use Candelec images without a prior detailed written annual agreement, per used images. In addition, no links sponsored or not, and no marks from Candelec will be used without a prior written consent. 2. PRICE AND BILLING a. Our company is free to change the price of her products. Our prices are determined by the rates in force on the day of placing the order. In case of rate change, Candelec will communicate the new rates to the dealers within two weeks before its appliance. In case of exceptional increases in raw material prices, the change fee will apply immediately. Candelec’s retailer is responsible for determining the resale price to the consumer as well as for the enforcement of the loss resale limit. b. Any claim regarding an invoice must be made by e-mail or fax and must be confirmed by a registered letter within eight days following receipt of the invoice. After this time, no claim will be accepted. c. An original of our invoice is included in one of the shipping boxes (one per order). 3. TERMS OF PAYMENT Except a special agreement confirmed by postal mail and signed by the Director, or specified notification in our proforma invoice, our invoices have to be fully prepaid before shipment. 4. LEAD TIME Our lead time is from 15 working days, starting from reception of the payment on our bank account. 5. DELIVERY TIME Delivery times are set individually by customer and per order depending on the country and way of delivery see the field "Payment Lead Time Fret". 6. DELAYS If, for reasons of stock out of a component of a product, or for any other reason, a shipment was not made within 10 weeks after reception of its payement, the customer will have the choice: - Either to accept the new delivery time, that Candelec will establish, - Or to claim the full refund of the deposit on non-delivered products. Delays of less than 10 weeks shall not entitle the buyer to request cancellation of the order, to refuse the goods or claim damages. If however Candelec accepted the cancellation of an order, it would retain the right to an indemnity equal to 30% of the selling price. 7. RESERVED Transfer of risk: The goods are travelling at the risk of the buyer regardless of the chosen transportation type, despite the conditions for the property retention and the way of payment of the price of transport. The recipient is asked to check the shape of the goods on arrival in the presence of the delivery man and to indicate in case the specific reservations on the delivery form of the carrier. These reservations must be confirmed within 72 hours to the carrier by a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt. 8. CLAIMS All complaints must be submitted in writing (e-mail or fax) no later than three days after receipt of the goods, to Candelec International Ltd. which may, if the merchandise is defective replace it. There will be no obligation beyond that period. The variations of size and color of materials inherent on their nature or their manufacturing are subject to usual tolerances. a. Return of goods: no return of goods (guaranteed or not) will be accepted without a return form and without a prior agreement of Candelec. Transport costs will be support by the customer. If accepted, the return of the goods should be done in our warehouses, postage prepaid, an asset will be prepared for the value of the equipment. Never, the buyer can return to society goods in postage due, shipping fees and all other costs of return are the sole responsibility of the buyer, whatever the reason for return. b. All our products are tested before shipment. Transport costs, customs and shipping are excluded from the guarantee. All additional guarantees or promises made by a dealer are at its sole expense, he should be regarded as a professional independent from Candelec International Ltd. 9. LIABILITY Our society can not be held to warranty and liability for defects to goods caused by the intervention of a third party, by the happening of a force majeure event, by use of the goods not in accordance with the stipulations of the notice and / or precautions of use. In all cases our liability is limited to the replacement of defective parts without any compensation of claimed damages for material or immaterial damages consecutive or not, or for injuries caused by defective goods. The warranty stops when our equipment has been modified outside of Candelec’s workshops. 10. WARRANTY See special page about the warranty here 11. JURISDICTION In case of any kind of litigation of any nature concerning our sales, even in case of warranty claims or multiple plaintiffs or defendants, the parties declare that confer jurisdiction on the courts of Hong Kong for disputes involving deliveries and / or invoices issued by CANDeLeC International Ltd., and the courts of the seat of our independent distributors in disputes on their own deliveries and / or invoices.
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